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Torque Assembly Tools and Fastening Solutions

The requirements when connecting components are increasingly complex. Factors such as materials, environmental influences, application, traceability, and process reliability influence these requirements, and with that, your choice of the best suitable assembly tool.

Torque spanners, wrenches and screwdrivers are tools used to tighten nuts, bolts and screws to a predetermined torque value. These torque tools allow fasteners to be tightened to the proper tension, helping avoid damage from over tightening or joints coming apart from under tightening.

Simple, standardised, and complex fastening tasks all require precise torque solutions that generate a safe preload force or detach connections non-destructively - yet are gentle to the materials and cost efficient. Torque tightening tools that are easy to operate and reliable, determining the tightening torque with absolute precision and meeting functional, legal or individual requirements, are essential.

Henchman imports a wide range of torque assembly tools and accessories – including electric, digital, non-digital, pneumatic or hydraulic torque tools – for a variety of industries, from the following brands:


Desoutter - Precision Pneumatic and Electric Fastening

From reduced downtimes, to more flexible production processes with lower costs, Industry 4.0 has the potential to transform the ways organizations perform. Desoutter is committed to turning the concept of the “smart factory” into products and services that deliver maximum benefit to their customers and partners

Desoutter Industrial Tools is a global leader in electric and pneumatic assembly tools serving a wide range of assembly and manufacturing operations, including Aerospace, Automotive, Light and Heavy Vehicles, Off-Road, General Industry.

An optional tool management device for the E-lit Clutch Battery Assembly Tool range decreases the starting and final speeds, facilitating bolt engagement, preventing overtightening and ensuring tightening quality while still maintaining high productivity.

The B-flex Transducerized Multi Applications Tool with a range of quick release accessories allows you to use the same tool for multiple applications. Set your individual torque control tightening strategy via the digital display to error proof your tightening operations.

The CONNECT Industrial Smart Hub is a tool management system which monitors up to 20 tools, controlling procedures and reporting data related to your assembly line activities, boosting your flexibility, uptime, and productivity.

Other tools include digital torque wrenches (QShield), torque and pulse nutrunners (EABS, BLRTA and CVI3), transducerized and electric screwdrivers, pneumatic fastening tools, torque tool management, torque controllers, transducers, analysers, and calibration benches.

Find the whole range on www.desouttertools.com.au


Atlas Copco - Pneumatic and Electric Fastening

Atlas Copco electronic torque wrenches guarantee smart, reliable and flexible operations. These wrenches can be matched to your applications with complete traceability of the entire fastening process. Swappable SmartHEAD attachments (transducers) enable a detailed assessment of your tightening processes.

The STRwrench is the “ultimate electronic wrench”. Quality, reliability, flexibility and connectivity consolidates Atlas Copco’s factory digitalization. A further leap forward in production processes and quality assurance.

The STwrench is the smart, electronic torque wrench that can be customized according to your requirements. Ergonomic and versatile, it is the multipurpose wrench for both Manual Tightening and Quality Control.

The manual torque wrench MRTT-C, combined with the standard SmartHEAD, becomes an entirely new tool. This can be connected to the STa 6000 using Atlas Copco's standard transducer cables.

The mechanical wrenches in the Atlas Copco Saltus product line form the basis for manual tightening, enabling you to find the optimal solution for your individual tightening: CWR click wrench series, SWR slipping wrench series, BWR breaking wrench series and the Mechatronic MWR system.


Mountz - Pneumatic and Electric Fastening

As The Torque Tool Specialists®, Mountz offers a full line of innovative electric and pneumatic power tools and automation systems. With intuitive Mountz tool controllers, complex multi-pass assemblies become simple, and your production speed will skyrocket. Quality control and regulatory compliance can be streamlined with real-time error proofing and time stamped documentation. From the simplest repairs to the most technical manufacturing projects and everything in between, Mountz power tools stand out from the crowd.

Mountz preset Poka-yoke torque screwdrivers and wrenches prevent over-torque. The Cam-over Technology ensures the correct torque is applied and eliminates fastener breakage issues.

Their preset torque tools come with tamper-proof internal adjustment, with no external adjustment scale – they must be preset using a torque analyser. With a calibration life of up to 4x ISO standards, Mountz Torque Tools are unmatched by any torque tool manufacturer.

Mountz offers a range of imperial and metric wrench head fittings for their Break-over Torque Wrenches, with a visual indicator of achieving torque setting. Open ends, box head ends, flare ends, hex key, and a ratchet end can be supplied to suit almost every application.

The Mountz Click Torque Wrenches are durable and robust for industrial fastening applications and come in both preset and adjustable ranges. A positive click can be heard and felt when torque is reached.

Mountz Insulated Torque Wrenches are for life-threatening high voltage and low voltage electrical assembly applications where over-torque conditions are not tolerated and operator safety is mandatory.


ASA - Electric and Pneumatic Screwdrivers

ASA Tools manufacture industrial-level precision electric screwdrivers and pneumatic screwdrivers equipped for the production line, as well as the relevant peripheral products for management, automation and digitization.

Their range also includes Digital Torque Meters, Screwdriver Accessories, Adjustable Screw Feeders, Electric Screwdriver Attachments and Controllers, Support Clamping Systems, Digitalized Management Systems and High-Precision Torque Meters.


Norwolf - Heavy Maintenance Hydraulic Torque Tools

Norwolf is well known for its unique ability to manufacture custom solutions for virtually any bolting application, including flat torque multipliers (Missing Link®), hydraulic torque wrenches (X-Driver®), back-up holding wrenches (Uni-Back™) and bolt stud removers (Studmate™) for industries like Wind Energy, Oil and Gas, and Mining.


Stahlwille Tools - Digital and non-digital Torque Hand Tools

As one of the pioneers of torque technology, Stahlwille have a wide range of hand-held mechanical, electronic, and electromechanical torque/angle keys for professional applications.

Every torque wrench, including Manoskop® and Sensotork®, guarantees the utmost precision, a perfect feel, a reliable release, and ergonomics that provide safe working and at the same time prevent operating errors.

Stahlwille torque tools ensure precision and accuracy every time, manufacturing their products to feature clearly readable twin scale (N m and ft.lb), as well as noticeable double signals when desired torque is reached.

The range includes electronic torque wrenches, angle controlled wrenches, electromechanical torque wrenches, and mechanical torque wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers (Torsiometer®, Torsiomax®, Torsiotronic®), Torque Multipliers, Torque Testing and Calibration Equipment allowing you to quickly check your torque tool before use or perform a turn-by-turn calibration.

The Stahlwille shell tools and insertion tools include jaw insertion tools, ratchets, and other attachment tools for torque wrenches. Thanks to our QuickRelease locking system, you can’t unintentionally release the tools while working. 


Proto Industrial - Digital and non-digital Torque Hand Tools

From torque tools to testers, Proto offers a complete range of solutions to help deliver accuracy and safety in industrial environments. Their breadth of line includes Micrometer Torque Wrenches, Electronic Torque Wrenches, Dial Torque Wrenches, Interchangeable Heads, Torque Screwdrivers, Torque Adapters, Torque Multipliers, Torque Testers and more.

Enhance accessibility in tight areas with the Proto Precision 90 Torque Wrenches with a small pear head design for access to hard to reach work areas. Their Electronic Torque Wrenches store up to 50 torque values and are available in 9 presets and 4 measuring units.

The Proto Torque Screwdrivers’s hex drive releases at target torque to help prevent overtightening. 


Wiha Tools - Torque Screwdrivers, preset and variable

Essential for mechanics, electricians and electronics technicians, Wiha torque screwdrivers combine precision and reliability. The release accuracy of +/−6 % for the pre-set torque tools increase process reliability while torque tools with variable settings are particularly ideal for mobile use. A special interchangeable blade system offers replaceable blades with different profiles. 


Gedore - Torque Screwdrivers, preset and variable

Gedore Torque, formally Torqueleader, are a leading UK manufacturer of Industrial Torque Tools, producing a high quality range of Torque Wrenches, Torque Screwdrivers and Torque Calibration Analysers.

With high-precision torque tools and customer-specific services, Gedore is the expert in the field of digital and analogue torque solutions. For over 100 years, they have been developing, designing and manufacturing premium hand tools and testing equipment that make your fastening tasks safe, precisely controllable, reproducible and documentable – for any industry.

GEDORE is the reliable brand from controlled tightening, the documentation of screw connections, high-precision testing equipment, complex measuring and analysis tools to individual advice and qualified service.


Norbar - Torque Wrenches

Warren & Brown - Deflecting Beam Torque Wrenches


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