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Henchman Products Custom-cut two-coloured Foam Inlays CNC-cut Visual Tool Control Shadow Foam

Custom Cut Foam

Henchman US specialises in the production of custom-cut two-coloured foam inlays for tool storage and Visual Tool Control. The bright coloured high-density Polyethylene foam receives a contrasting Polypropylene top layer, which is very hard wearing, easy to clean and ideal for labelling or marking. The contrast of the colours make it obvious at a glance which tools are missing in the toolbox and therefore still in use.

We outline your tools in our CAD program and work with you to arrange them according to your requirements and the best use of the available space. The foam is then cut in one of our CNC machines for a precise, tight fit.

With provision of a ''finger lift out'' on two sides the foam inlays can be lifted out of the storage unit, providing multi-layer storage. Or the foam can fill the whole storage and is fixed to the base.

Blue foam and a black top layer is standard, but there are plenty of other colour choices and thicknesses available. Order either with the hard plastic surface or just the foam without the top layer. Contact us for more options.

  • Don't spend hours trying to design the ideal foam layout yourself - Let our experienced designers do the job for you!
  • No need to trace and cut the foam yourself - We guarantee you a perfect, snug fit for every tool!
  • The high density foam is durable, solid and sturdy, can be removed from the case and placed right at your point of use.
  • Oily fingerprints or spills can easily be wiped off the smooth top layer to keep your toolkit foam clean.

We at Henchman USA believe that foam Inlays/Inserts are the perfect choice for protection and presentation, whether it is a product you would like to display, an item you would like to protect or a whole toolkit.


Your Benefits

  • Significantly reduce time wasted on searching for a tool - every tool has it's dedicated spot in the kit
  • Reduce time figuring out which tools are missing - see at a glance which tools are in use
  • Reduce cost of replacing tools accidentally left behind
  • Reduce cost for scratched or damaged tools - every tool is protected by the foam and stays in place
  • Work professionally with a clean and organised toolkit
  • Follow the requirements of CASR/EASA Part 145 regulations