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henchmanTRAK Electronic Tool Control Henchman Products


HenchmanTRAK is an innovative and effective Electronic Tool Control System for ensuring tools are never left on an aircraft, as well as improving productivity and saving money and time in searching for and replacing lost tools, therefore meeting the current requirements for tool accountability in the Aerospace industry.

The risk of FOD is significantly minimised by giving complete accountability and record keeping of all tools against tail numbers and/or works order. No RFID tags or tool modifications are required for hand tools, allowing our system to accept almost any tool, large or small. We can integrate with existing tools but more often we supply a turnkey solution fitted with the tools that meet your requirements. We stock a large range of internationally renowned brands including Proto, Snap-On, Wiha, Stahlwille, Knipex or Armstrong. 

Cutting edge sensor technology is utilized to help you comply with regulations such as PART 145. Automate your tool control to a whole new level.


The henchmanTRAK family

The system currently consists of three key physical products:

HenchmanTRAK Family - Electronic Tool Control

  • kabTrak is an electronically controlled tool cabinet fitted with our sensor system as well as custom-cut two-coloured foam inlays for fast Visual Tool Control. The interactive touch display screen is easy to use, tracking the issue and return of hand tools and smaller items – directly at your jobsite. Read more
  • portaTrak is a unique tracking system to track the issue and complete return of portable toolkits using accurate weight measurement. Read more
  • cribTrak bridges the gap using RFID tagging and/or barcoding to monitor manual tool movement. This scanning system is used to track the issue and return of portable toolkits or power tools from/to a toolcrib. Read more
  • lokkaTRAK extends the capability of the portaTRAK. It incorporates a locker system providing an unmanned and secure storage of portable kits. Read more

All data is stored on a cloud server and centrally viewable on the henchmanTRAK smartphone App or any desktop. Providing detailed monitoring and reporting on all tool movements and status across all locations is making replacement or service scheduling easy.


Innovative Sensor Technology

Unlike other Electronic Tool Control Systems that use scanning systems or require tool modifications, kabTRAK is fitted with a highly sensitive sensor system developed by Henchman USA. 

  • No size restrictions: Track tools and consumables in almost any shape and size – down to a drill bit with a two milimeter diameter.
  • No light interferance: The sensors are not affected by bright light, making it possible to use the cabinet in any spot – indoors or outdoors.
  • No opening and closing drawers: Even with an open drawer, each movement of a tool is tracked and reported.


Your Benefits

  • Fast & Effortless: Find tools faster, monitor broken/service and replacement
  • Safe: Check if complete (Part 145/FOD)
  • Transparent: Tools missing, service/replacement needed – on screen and in app
  • Efficient: Safe time and money looking for misplaced tools
  • Custom-build: Fully customizable and scalable to your requirements