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Spanners & Wrenches

Spanners, Wrenches and Shifters

Henchman imports Stahlwille Spanners and Proto Spanners in all shapes - adjustable spanners/shifters, open end spanners, double ring/box spanners, combination spanners, half moon spanners, s-shaped spanners, flexhead spanners, offset spanners and ratcheting spanners.

Stalwille Spanners are produced in Germany and are best quality, extremely strong, yet lightweight, making noticeable difference to the weight of a toolkit. Stahlwille spanners are made according to stringent DIN specifications.

Proto Spanners and Proto Wrenches are made in the USA according to AS specifications (Aerospace Standards).

Henchman also sells GearWrench spanners. Gearwrench ratcheting spanners hold the patent for this type of ratcheting mechanism.

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