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Scraper General Purpose

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Lisle Razor Blade Scraper Long Reach

Product Code: LIS52000

Comes with five stainless steel blades for removing stickers and a plastic blade for use on safety plastic laminated windshields to prevent...

Brand: Lisle

$USD 33.21

Lead time about 3-4 weeks


Metal Scraper with Rubber Soft Grip

Product Code: SGS-25

Brand: Alpha

$USD 10.26

Available 1-2 days


Plastic Scraper Black

Product Code: JNT-8-RSC-BLK

$USD 9.52

Lead time 3-4 Weeks


Proto J2336 Gasket and Carbon Scraper 1-1/2 inch

Product Code: J2336

• Ideal for removing gaskets and carbon. • Comfortable, four sided handle.• Proto Tools have been manufactured in...

Brand: Proto Tools

$USD 22.66

Lead time About 4 Weeks


Scraper Stainless Steel Plastic Handle 1 inch 25mm

Product Code: 7163-S1


Brand: Sterling

$USD 6.26

Available 1-2 days


Scraper Stainless Steel Plastic Handle 2 inch 50mm

Product Code: 7163-S2


Brand: Sterling

$USD 6.54

Available 1-2 days


Scraper Stainless Steel Rhinogrip Handle 1 inch 25mm

Product Code: 7363-S1


Brand: Alpha

$USD 6.27

Available 1-2 days


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