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ASH Ion Digital Hand Magnifier with Measuring Grids

Product Code: FI800-102

The Ion 4.3 is an award winning inspection magnifier designed with unique display technology and liquid lens technology which delivers bright,...

Brand: ASH Technologies

$USD 1927.42

Please request lead time


ASH Microscope Inspex HD with Measuring Grids

Product Code: FI801-011

Brand: ASH Technologies

$USD 4778.23

Please request lead time


Fibre Optic Light Source Illuminator

Product Code: FO150

Fibre optic light guide for use with microscopes with variable light intensity.

$USD 985.60

Please request lead time


Fluorescent Ring Illuminator for Microscopes MA-SP12.0064

Product Code: WLZ-10

Fluorescent ring Illuminator for microscopes

$USD 296.80

Lead time 2 weeks


Mantis Viewing System

Product Code: 441-437

Viewing System on Bench Stand. The Viewing System provides three-dimensional stereo imaging without the need for eyepieces. •...

Brand: Mantis

$USD 7549.48

Lead time 3 weeks


Microscope Stereo with Boom Stand x7 to x45

Product Code: WLZ-06

Stereo zoom microscope on boom stand with maginification range of x7 - x45 plus optional auxilliary lenses on request • Ring...

$USD 1489.60

Lead time about 1 week


Microscope Stereo Zoom x7 to x45

Product Code: WLZ-03

Stereo Zoom Microscope. Compact stereo zoom microscope with integrated base. • Magnification range of x7 - x45 plus optional...

$USD 1433.60

Lead time about 1 week


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